Guangzhou Howell Medical Devices Co, LTD
Guangzhou Howell Medical Devices Co, LTD
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Company Culture

Company Culture

Our vision:  Let the brand of " Howell Medical " be established globally, and serve every city in the world with " Howell Medical " products!

Our mission:  to provide safe, stable and convenient high-quality medical equipment for medical workers, and to build a win-win development platform for employees!

Our purpose:

Create a brand with professionalism

Win customers with quality

All employees are family

Create the future with ideas

Corporate Values


Integrity is the enterprises foundation of foothold

Integrity is the traditional virtue of the Chinese people, and integrity leads the enterprise team to victory and front end. honest is the foundation of an enterprise, and the lifeblood of the company.


Leading the industry, innovating and developing.

Enterprises must have their own unique professional capabilities, and only by constantly improving themselves can they meet the requirements of customers, Professionalism wins trust, and professionalism creates success or failure. 


Courage to take responsibility, dare to be responsible.

Responsibility is the foundation of what we do. Whether it is for customers or ourselves, and everything around us, We should all be responsible.


Self-esteem, self-love, solidarity, mutual aid

Only by respecting others can you win the respect of others, Respect for others is a sign of good cultivation. a civilized way of socializing. which is the cornerstone of building a good social relationship.


Happy physically and mentally, enjoy success

To do a good job, you must first love your work. Be enthusiastic at work and you'll be happier.

Be kind to our work and love our work. We can become relaxed and happy.


Achieve life, contribute to society

In the ordinary post can still do extraordinary things, The value of life lies in self-pursuit. Doing one thing well can reflect your value.

Future plan

Our original intention----to let everyone use safe, efficient and quality-assured medical device products!

Our mission----combine customer and market needs, and continue to innovate!

Our dream----to be the best medical device in China, so that more people can enjoy high-quality products!