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How to find the Professional Manufacturer of Operating Room Equipment?

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Author : Howell Medical
Update time : 2022-09-06 17:40:00

Harbin Howell Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co, LTD, founded in 2010, is a professional independent design, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Relying on the advantage of the old industrial base, with abundant capital support, advanced production equipment, high-quality technical personnel, complete inspection mechanism, a sound sales and after-sale network as the foundation, positive enterprising, continuous innovation, through unremitting efforts, has now become a domestic operating room equipment’s most Influential enterprises.


Our business includes scientific research, development, manufacture, sales and service. We absorb and gather a lot of technical talents, well-trained workers and strong sales teams. We have established efficient systems of management and quality guarantee. Our powerful design capability leads us to higher speed in customizing products for the market. At present, all our products have passed CE and ISO certification.


At present, our company has developed multi-functional operating tables, multiple series of shadowless operating lamps.etc.. other medical equipment products. These products are in a leading position in China to meet the different requirements of various hospitals. It is sold all over the world and is widely praised by users.


We have won the trust and cooperation of global customers by the increasing innovation ability, flexible customization capability, gradually perfected delivery ability and excellent after-sales service. Each year, Our R&D team constantly develop new products for new markets' requirements. we will support you the solutions of OR and ICU room.